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UVSC Integrated Studies
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This is a discussion area for "Intersections", a student journal in the "Integrated Studies" department at UVSC. This journal is intended to be an open community for discussion of matters of government, editing, planning, and other matters of development relative to the publication of the journal. It will not be a forum for the official report of the journals progress, rather it will stand to reflect the brainstorming of those involved or interested. It should be of special interest to UVSC students, especially students in the Integrated Studies department. The official public status of the actual Intersections publication is available at http://www.xmission.com/~cretin/intersections/status.htm.

<b>Integrated Studies</b> <i>(from http://www.uvsc.edu/is/ ) </i>
The Degree
The Integrated Studies Degree (ISD) is a four-year Bachelors of Science or Bachelors of Arts Degree. Basic to the degree are the refining of basic skills in critical thinking, integration, abstraction, systems thinking, experimentation and collaboration. The Degree will focus on creating a well-educated student who is able to understand problems, concerns and underpinnings for these skills, and then, with critical and creative abilities, work through several solutions for the employer. These skills are necessary for the student of the future to truly function in a world where employment opportunities are as rapidly changing as the myriad of technology around us. Instead of separating knowledge, an integrated education helps students work through the abstractions in information and see the connections in all knowledge.
The Degree involves faculty from four schools, with heaviest participation from the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, and the School of Science and Health. From the Department of Humanities and Philosophy, students may take existing courses to consider the ethical, social, and historical implications of the world in which we live. From the Departments of Social and Behavioral Sciences, students may take courses to enrich their understanding of how humans make decisions about public policy, the environment, and other social interactions. From the Department of Life Sciences, students may study the perspectives of the systems of nature and the delicate balances involved in maintaining some ecosystems. From the Department of Physical Sciences, students can learn of earth systems and the counteractions in fields of chemistry and physics. We encourage our students to think in long-term environmental and social processes, rather than considering ethical, environmental or physical science issues in a piecemeal, short-term way. Students may also design emphasis from existing majors in Business Management, Technology Management and Elementary Education.

<b>History and Intent</b>
There have been 2 editions of "Intersections" thus far. Edition 3 has the goal of transcending multi-disciplinary approaches and publishing papers with true inter-disciplinary insight.

This Journal will be published in early April 2003 by UVSC's Integrated Studies Department.

Journal email: intersections@uvsc.edu
Editor in Chief - Don LaVange - 1lavando@uvsc.edu, cretin@xmission.com
Editor - Carrie Diaz
Editor - Joseph Jurgens
Editor - Matt Quinlin
Editor - Jason Call
Editor - Katherine Tew
Editor - Gaylynn Parker
Editor - Science to be named
Editor - Science to be named
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