Don LaVange (donlavange) wrote in intersections,
Don LaVange

Intersections Meeting Minutes 11.20.2002

Matt, Don, Carrie, Kathryn, Gaylyn

Change Call for Paper due date to Jan 17.
Change Call for Papers submission to physical and / or electronic submission.
Every submission gets a return receipt

Make Call for Papers Flyers geared toward departments due this Saturday on intersections
Carrie - science, Don - Computer Science , Kathryn - Business
Final review of flyers ends mon 9, when they will be copied, distributed to all instructors. Carrie, Kathryn and Don will hand deliver flyers to select teachers and post in buildings for respective disciplines

Important Issues
Next meeting: Don's house, 7:00 pm, Tuesday night. Refreshments will be served.
Map / Directions to follow in confidential post (you must be logged into LiveJournal to see it).
We could use help: Consider making a flyer for one of your emphases or your major. Make it available to the respective faculty (and in those buildings where the department is mostly centered). These are due Saturday night (this weekend) so they can be distributed Monday and Tuesday
we need help distributing. Some areas of need are: Philosophy, History, Education, English, ... others
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