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Staff, Layout, and Promotion


Gaylnn Parker
Today I added Gaylynn Parker to our staff. I'll let her introduce herself here later, but she is a technical writer and is going to be able to help us get some good papers. I've sort of layed out my vision for her, so let me put it to you here:

Consensus Operation: Staff functions in consensus mode. We argue for what we want to do, and we must all agree in order to proceed. I will function as a block-breaker where needed, but I don't anticipate needing to do that. Any idea is subject to group ratification. I will admit to being a rather intense personality, but I wear that in the expectation that if I will be told so by my co-workers.

Publishing Goals:We will publish papers that were highly evaluated in terms of academic excellence (including proper rigour), intellectual stimulation, and the integration of disciplines, in that order. Thus, an integrated but unstimulating paper is worth less than an academically excellent, stimulating one. Intellectual stimulation, is of course, a much more subjective discipline.

Work Progression Part of my job is to make sure we deliver the goods. As such we need to communicate in several ways. I'm asking each of you to participate in this electronic forum, here is the central place for all public debate (papers will be discussed privately) and discussion. We will have a meeting weekly where will will hammer out issues that require face to face communication, and we want to find a time that is good for everyone. If someone can't make the meeting they will look to this forum to comprehend what was done and offer objections if there are any.

My Goals One of my rather immediate goals is to get more Science, Engineering and Business representation on our staff, and hopefully, like horses running to water, a selection of submissions from those areas. Matt Quinlin has an idea for someone who might qualify in the area of the Sciences (Integrated Studies student).


I have spoken to him yet, but I nominate Jason Call to direct the format change effort. I'm excited by his enthusiasm and vision. What do you say? (note, I'm not saying do all the work, but to make sure we do what we need to do to achieve the format change). I would like to come up with a date that either says the new format is ready to enter data into or we abandon the effort and inhabit the old format. I'm of course assuming it is easier to inhabit the old format.


I'd like to take the additional responsiblity of promotion. I'd like to work with any of you that know professors chair, or deans to promote the journal in their respective departments. I'm going to bring in some fliers to distribute to each department, with discipline specific content in the flyers. Anyone who wants to help here, is welcome.
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