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Don LaVange

How to use this forum to communicate - for Intersections Staff Members without Current LiveJournals

1) You don't have to be a livejournal member to read it, but you will need it to post. I would ask each staff member to become a LiveJournal member, and I will provide the free codes needed.
2) Email me for the code
3) Go to:, enter the code I email you, and create your journal.
4) Log into LiveJournal at
5) Join the Intersections community, after you have logged in (you'll do this just once). So that by going here:
6) You are now ready to both post in your private journal (you will need to respond to an email that LiveJournal sends you to validate your account).
7) When posting to your personal journal, you just go to: and post away. You can make entries private, for only people you've defined as friends, or public.
8) When posting to the Intersections community journal (as your LiveJournal persona) you must go to: and change the "Journal to Post in: from your personal journal to the Intersections Journal (this will be available once you have both joined the community and logged back in to LiveJournal.
9) There is a simple client that you can download that makes all this stuff easier if you have access to a computer that you always use. Find the best client here:

For those of you that hate steps, here is the conceptual framework of what I'm telling you:

We're all busy, and electronic communication is useful. Several of us are already familiar with LiveJournal, a software service that allows users to create free (or paid) journals to use in any way they want. Additionally, LiveJournal allows journals to be turned into communities, where instead of one person posting to the journal, there are many. I've created such a journal, called Intersections. It's a community that I will allow only staff members to join. Staff members must first have a LiveJournal account, which I will provide the 'free code' for. Just email me to get it. You can do anything you want with your personal LiveJournal, but remember since the Intersections is a public journal that has your real name in it (just like the masthead of Intersections will have your real name in it) you may want to protect private journal entries in your own journal. When posting in LiveJournal you can use the simple page to post your personal journal entries or the full update page to post your entries to the community. You can also download a client to make this easier if you are on a computer you regularly use (home or office, rather than lab).

Please ask if you have questions, and give this a try.
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