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Meeting Minutes

We had our first staff meeting Wednesday at noon in 411 in the Library. Meeting lasted about an hour.
Note: I am posting real names here since these names will all appear on the masthead anyway. If you have an LJ journal and want to protect that identity contact me donlavange or and I will give you a code for an account that can protect your private journal as a separate identity. I don't want to make this forum 'friends only', though posts about specific papers must be done in that way.


1) In attendance were:
Don LaVange
Matt Quinlin
Carrie Diaz
Jason Call
Joey Jurgens

2) Distribution: First paper distributed

3) Staff: Joey recommended Katherine who was added after the meeting. Matt Quinlin has invited and he will come to the next meeting.

4) On the issue of submissions, we agreed that submissions are open to any student at UVSC, from any discipline. Joey said it well that Integrated Studies is interested in pushing work in integrated studies among all disciplines, not just among the major.

5) On the issue of format, the consensus was that we would like to see what we can do to revamp the look. The format size as well as the look. Jason is going to bring some design books and ideas. Everyone was invited to bring sketches and ideas. We agreed that the format change is going to require a lot of work, so we need to begin now. I am going to get access to the Mac we have set aside for that purpose. Additionally, I am going to check on printing costs with respect to issues of color printing (Carrie) of pics, recycled paper, and internal versus external pricing.

6) Distribution: We all agree, distribution is a priority. Let's get this issue into the hands of libraries (including UVSC), faculty, students. Sacrificing print quality and format may (should) help in this area

7) Next meeting, discuss format for second call for papers. Don, make changes to the current ones so they have the right address.

8) Matt and Joey: Contact Photography department

9) Next meeting: 2 pm Wednesday, same place (411 Learning Resource Center). Meet at Matt's office.
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