Don LaVange (donlavange) wrote in intersections,
Don LaVange

Areas of Importance

Here are some areas that need work

How can I know if people are responding to the call for papers?
It doesn't seem like there is any way. One might count the number of submission forms. I could have set a deadline for submission forms, but I think I'd be shooting myself in the foot.

I'm thinking of a table, like the one I saw Touchstones using in the hallway. What would happen if I could get Allen Hill, Touchstones, and the history journal all to do a hall of flags type thing. Journal day? More on this issue later. Carrie has ideas I'm anxious to hear.

Unless they've had prior experience I would like to see a writing sample. It doesn't have to be formal, I just want to know they have good writing skills. Use the whole staff to help evalutate staff this way?

Need to get access to the Mac! Talk to Deb Thornton. Location and code...

Need to get a copy of quark. Need to familiarize myself with it. I suppose it's too much to assume that the MAC has internet acces, but where we will be using http to lj (and perhaps a document store at

I have no damned idea what is involved in getting a version out the door. What do I need to do?

Need to create a plan document, if for no other reason to constitutionalize what I've done.

Need to speak with last years editor, Michelle Davidson. What worked? What insights does she have that she might share? What went wrong last year? What would she do differently? How to best motivate staff to work? How did last years paper evaluation model go? Are there students, especially former staff that she might recommend?

Convince staff that they need to at least peruse LiveJournal as I'm using this for communication. But for those interested, I'll provide tokens.

email models... At least GroupWise gives us a canonical store and a readily available model for determining if communication occured (GroupWise has a model for tracking that is hard for users to turn off). BUt, then you have to use GroupWise which sucks while you are off campus (perhaps if you have a fast connection and a remote client, which I don't have the former).
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